Accounting and Finance


We take care of your accounting externally or internally. We can periodically review your accounting numbers and validate the information generated from the accounting systems.


We are your accounting department in all senses, generation of information, procedures, procedures, etc.


We support you in financial evaluation projects, whether investment or sale of assets.

Why is it important to have your accounting with correct records and refined balances?

Did you know what NIFs are and what they are for? – Financial Reporting Standards that comprise a set of concepts that regulate the preparation and presentation of the information contained in the financial statements. The FRS serve as support to the accountant to define the criteria for registering the operations of an entity.


What is contability? It is a technique that is used to classify and record the operations and transactions of an entity in monetary terms and that result in financial reports that are used for decision making.


What are the main financial reports? Statement of Financial Situation or Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flow Statement and Statement of Changes in Stockholders’ Equity.


The qualitative characteristics of the financial information (NIF A-4) are the following: reliability, relevance, understandability and comparability.

We are interested in your business’s effectiveness.  Make sure your business generates financial information that meets the aforementioned characteristics and that the managers and users of the information make the correct decisions that help the good performance of the entity.


Therefore, we can participate in your project from the implementation of accounting criteria, supervision of accounting records, implementation and periodic review of the financial reports issued that serve as a basis for decision making, as well as projects for purging accounting accounts, integration account balances permanently.

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