Support for businessmen and entrepreneurs is a core part of the economy. Through our comprehensive service, the risk of suffering a partial or total closure can be mitigated. We propose a service scheme through which a multidisciplinary work team is integrated to address the strategic issues of the business and accompany them to achieve their objectives. especially the positioning and consolidation of the business.


  • Business Model
  • Strategic plan
  • Financial control
  • Best corporate practices

Our model

Audit and Internal Control Process

The Internal Audit practice is the arm of the board of directors, CEO or partners or shareholders.
The objective is to evaluate, strengthen, and promote internal control of the organization’s key processes, follow-up, monitoring and mitigation of risks supported by methodologies designed to the particular needs of each industry and company.

Our model


Internal control:
(Diagnosis Documentation (Policies, Matrices and Procedures, SOX, Process Mapping) Practice and control model (COSO) Best practices.
Internal audit:
Audits (Process, EEFF, Tax, Fraud) Internal audit model, Reports to senior management and committees.
Risk management:
Comprehensive risk model (Probability, impact and maturity) Risk committee Follow-up and monitoring.
Corporate governance:
Formation and protocolization of committees (Audit, Ethics and risks) Objective evaluation mechanism for compliance purposes, Complaint line.

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