Tax Services

The tax system in Mexico is very dynamic and to attend to everything that the authorities demand in this area, it is necessary to be constantly updated. At GHAR II we provide support services to companies in complying with their tax obligations.


In our Tax Practice we provide the following services:

  • Tax compliance services

  • Analysis and review of tax strategies

  • Detection and prevention of fiscal risks

  • Procedures before the tax authorities

  • Attention to requirements

  • Recovery of balances in favor



What are they and why pay taxes?

Taxes are mandatory contributions or payments. Through these contributions, the state obtains income that serves to carry out the economic objectives outlined. The obligation in Mexico to make said contribution is contemplated in Art.31 section IV of the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States.

What happens if I do not pay taxes?

Voluntary or involuntary non-compliance entails a series of sanctions by the authority that range from updates, surcharges and additional fines to the principal, as well as visits, requirements, invitation letters, determination of tax credits by the same authority to the deprivation of freedom.

We offer you the following services so that your company correctly and timely complies with its tax obligations:

• Determination of tax calculations
• Tax calculation review and presentation of obligations (Fiscal Compliance)
• Tax risk analysis
• Management and procedures before authorities such as attention to requirements, visits, fines, tax credits.
• Management and processing of refunds of balances in favor and taxes.

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